Our Network and Facility

We Own It
Unlike our competitors, MacConnect owns and operates its own datacenter and IP network.  We control our own routing, we own our own provider-independent IP address block, and our network is based on true physical as-path diversity.  This gives us greater control, ensures high reliability, and allows us to provide our customers with network based services that others simply can not.. 

MacConnect currently purchases directly from Optimum Lightpath and Lightower Fiber Networks out of our primary network node in New York City. Additional transit providers are added as needed. We do not allow our transit or peering links to go over 65% usage to ensure lowest possible latency and highest possible packet delivery levels. 

Network Infrastructure
Our datacenter is linked to our New York City network node using state-of-the-art OC-48 bi-directional self-healing SONET technology. Verizon, Lightpath and Keyspan Communications all maintain fiber nodes in our facility. Our network is fully switched, minimizing the possibility of data compromise, with all customers connected directly to a dedicated port on a Cisco switch.

Network Security
MacConnect does not allow IRC servers, game servers, or shell account servers on our network, as these servers are often associated with denial-of-service and other malicious activities. All traffic in and out of our network passes through our bridging firewalls, allowing us to filter and/or monitor traffic as required to keep our customers protected and available on a 24x7 basis.

Power Systems
Use of decentralized UPS systems and an automatically switched on-site generator system ensures that our customers get uninterrupted, conditioned power at all times. Our generator system is tested on a regular basis to ensure proper operation, and is fueled by natural gas, eliminating reliance on diesel fuel deliveries. Additionally, our facility is connected to the same grid segment as two major area hospitals, ensuring rapid restoration of utility power in the event of failure.

Access to our data center is permitted only with an escort. The facility is locked down on a 24x7 basis, is continually under video surveillance, and is not marked in any way by signage or other identifying factors.